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Northampton boasts a wonderful array of beautiful and colourful wildflowers in season including exquisite orchids such as the donkey, bee, cowslip and the rare greenhood orchid. Spectacular fields of pink everlastings and yellow pom poms are easy to find amongst the Northampton countryside and the sand-loving Kangaroo Paw can also be found here. These are just a few of the magnificent range of wildflowers you will find when visiting the Northampton region.

The more popular wildflower spots are the Yerina Springs Road, West Binnu Road and Ogilvie sandplain, 25kms North of Northampton. Or head South to Oakabella or inland via the Chapman Valley Road to see a diverse and vivid exhibition of wildflowers in bloom.

The best time for wildflower spotting is in Spring, when there is an explosion of colourful wildflowers and a large variety of different species to search for.

You might like the help of local tour guides who specialise in getting the most out of your wildflower experience.

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Eurardy Station

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